Past Projects / Public Buildings

Bangiya Samaj Community Centre New Delhi

The community centre for Bangiya Samajis located in Chittaranjan Park, New Delhi. It is a hub of artistic and cultural rejuvenation for not only local community, but draws visitor from other parts of the city as well. The building also hosts exhibitions and fests on a regular basis, providing opportunity for various artisans. The centre provides facilities in the form of large multi-purpose halls which can be used for setting up stalls, visitors waiting, class rooms, exhibition spaces, etc. An auditorium is also provided for performance and events. The design provides relief in the form of terraces and verandahs at various levels, which also act as extension spaces for the activities going on inside. Since the building is constructed using community funding, after phase-1 building was built, the phase-2 portion has been planned for construction recently.